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Tunbridge Wells

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Our client brought this property as a buy to let so when going through the design process this was different to a refurbishment for a client to live in or even sell… In order to get the biggest possible yield on his investment we had to make the house firstly as energy efficient as we could, appealing to viewers and prospected tenants and at the same time keep costs down, however use products that will last!

After viewing our gallery of case studys the client wanted the greys and wood finishes we seem to use so well on our other projects.

All walls were covered in durable and wipeable grey paint, we opted for laminate flooring as these are a lot more hard wearing than wood floors and a lot less prone to scratches.

Lightweight oak veneer internal doors were a cheaper option to the usual solid oak we usually use. In the bathroom we went for marble effect large profile tiles. Fitted furniture and the kitchen are all Leicht products, with our relationship with Leicht Kitchen Design Centre Group we are able to get these products at very competitive rates and the quality and guarantee that comes with them gave our client confidence that he will not be getting calls from heavy handed careless tenants saying a door has “fell” off.


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